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The first debt I must record in publishing this book is to my past and present teachers in the Theological Faculty of Upsala University. I am particularly indebted to Professor Hjalmar Lindroth, the benefit of whose instruction I have enjoyed over a long period and who has shown unfailing interest in my Wesley studies since their inception. I would like to offer him my most grateful thanks for his help and encouragement. I have profited greatly from the opportunity he gave me to present my views on Wesley for discussion in the Senior Seminar in Dogmatics; under Professor Lindroth's leadership this Seminar has been a most lively and instructive forum and I have found continuous stimulation in its activities. I also wish to express my deep gratitude to Professor Sigfrid von Engeström for his valuable guidance; and to Bishop Torsten Bohlin and Bishop Arvid Runestam, late occupants of the Chairs of Dogmatics and Ethics respectively. It was Bishop Bohlin who first awakened my serious interest in systematic theology.

I am aware of the deepest obligation to friends and fellow students for many fruitful discussions, especially to Dr. Gösta Hök, Docent in Dogmatics, and to the Rev. Lennart Akerlund, who has sacrificed much time in helping me read the proofs and in checking references.

My warm thanks are also due to my friend the Rev. Göte Bergsten, Director of the St. Luke Foundation in Stockholm, who read the MS and made many valuable suggestions. I am also indebted to Bishop Theodor Arvidson for the interest he has shown in my studies. Through his good offices this book will be published by Nya Bokförlags Aktiebolaget, to which Press I also extend my thanks.

I am sincerely grateful to Mr. H. S. Harvey, M.A., B.Litt., Lecturer in English at Upsala, for his careful and skilled translation of the MS.

I am greatly obliged to friends who have given me generous help in compiling the index of names and in reading proofs, particularly to Mr. David Eriksson, Fil. Lie. and to Mr. Gösta Brodin, Fil. Lie.

My warm acknowledgements are also due to all those who have lent me otherwise unobtainable books. Their kindness has been very helpful indeed at a time when wartime conditions have almost totally prevented the importation of foreign publications.

I must also tender my thanks to the British Council, which has contributed financially towards the publication in English of this book.

It remains to pay a warm tribute to my wife for help in reading the proofs and for invaluable assistance in countless other ways.

Upsala, April 1946.

Harald Lindström.