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  1. MR. WESLEY was born June 17, 1703.

  2. He died March 2, 1791, aged 88.

  3. In 1733, he wrote and delivered before the Oxford University, his sermon on "The Circumicision of the Heart," at the age of thirty.

  4. In 1739 he wrote his tract titled "The Character of a Methodist," which he says was the first tract he ever wrote on the subject of Christian perfection.

  5. He published a volume of hymns and sacred poems, in 1739, in which his and his brother's sentiments on the subject of holiness were presented.

  6. After an interview with Dr. Gibson, Bishop of London, in 1740, he wrote his sermon on "Christian Perfection," in his thirty-seventh year.

  7. In 1741, he published a second volume of hymns in which he and his brother gave the strongest account of Christian perfection they ever taught, and in which were some things too strong, which he soon corrected.

  8. He published in 1742, a third volume of hymns in which he spoke more largely than ever before on the subject.

  9. His first conference was held in 1744, at which the subject of sanctification was seriously considered, and their teachings were reviewed, the substance of which he gives in his works.

  10. He published his "Earnest Appeal to Men of Reason and Religion," in 1744.

  11. In 1749 he and his brother published two volumes of hymns and sacred poems; and as they were published in his absence there were some things in them which he did not approve.

  12. He issued in 1752 a second edition of the hymns of 1749, with a correction of some mistakes.

  13. At the conference in 1759 he largely considered the doctrine, and at its close published his "Thoughts on Christian Perfection."

  14. In 1761 he wrote his "Further Thoughts on Christian Perfection."

  15. The great revival of holiness began in London in 1762, and spread in succeeding years over England and Ireland.

  16. In 1762 he retired to Lewisham and wrote his sermon on "Sin in Believers."

  17. He wrote in 1764, a series of "Short Propositions" on the subject, as afterwards inserted in his "Plain Account," on pages 166-169.

  18. The sermon on " The Scripture Way of Salvation," was written in 1765.

  19. "The Plain Account," he wrote in 1766, and made it part of the course of study at the conference in Leeds in 1766.

  20. The questions in the Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church, used in the ordination service — "Have you faith in Christ? Are you going on unto perfection? Do you expect to he made perfect in love in this life? Are you groaning after it," were used by Mr. Wesley first at the conference at Leeds, in 1766.

  21. His sermon on "Repentance of Believers," was written in 1767.

  22. His second sermon on "Perfection" was written in 1785, six years before his death.