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Desire for God

Wesley Study Bible

Words of wisdom from the
Wesley Study Bible:

I found this on page 698 (among the Psalms).

--------Wesleyan Core Term --------
Desire for God

“Desires are necessary. If we did not have them, we would not eat, sleep, work, or reproduce. Virtue, or what Wesley terms ‘holy tempers,’ is the proper ordering of desire, which is not to be destroyed but to be directed solely towards God. This requires purification ‘from every unkind or turbulent passion’ in order to ‘please and enjoy God’ (Sermon 33: "Sermon on the Mount," §III.11). This alone brings holiness and happiness. But for Wesley, such a proper ordering of desire cannot be done through our own powers. Jesus alone accomplishes this through his sacrifice. He lives a blessed life, embodying the eight beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount. They are the ‘religion of the heart.’ Wesley finds this religion in the psalms, whenever they encourage delight in the law of God. Take for instance Ps 40, where Wesley's commentary states that Christ alone truly and ‘eminently’ takes ‘delight in God’ because he alone ‘delighted in doing the will of God’ (Notes, Ps 40:8).”

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