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I Have a Study Now!


Things have changed a bit here at the house, and there is now a room on the main floor that is available as a Study/Office.

That means that at long last, my books are coming come out of storage.

We moved the fish tank into this room, as well. That went well. What fish are left (two clown fish and a yellow tail damselfish) are healthy. While that might seem to be a strange addition to the study, it allows me to see the tank and take care of the fish every day. And, that just wasn’t happening as long as the fish tank was downstairs.

Actually, I think in the long run, it will make the room a more inviting place.

It’s a salt water tank. And, I’ll be re-stocking it with fish and invertebrates as time goes by. We stopped by
our favorite pet shop and bought a few turbo snails and a peppermint shrimp for the tank. But, we the fish they had were being treated for possible disease. We’ll have to stop by another time. I appreciate the fact that the pet store was being careful about that.

I had some bookcases in our storage unit and we brought those over. I have many boxes of books there also, of course. I plan on bringing them over here a little at a time.

It’ll be a little bit like Christmas, I guess: “Gee, I wonder what’s in here?”

But, I want to do it slowly so I can make decisions about what I want to keep and what I want to discard.

My library was once huge, but that hasn’t been true for a long time. Really, because of space limitations, I think I’ll be doing another significant purge of books. Reference books, critical Biblical commentaries and favorite systematic theology books will be the only ones that will survive.
With computers, mobile devices and e-books I can’t help but wonder if such libraries will become a thing of the past. It’s a whole lot more convenient to carry your library with you on your iPad! But, of course, in my case, these books (what’s left of them!) are old friends. Many of them are well worn, coffee stained here and there, and marked up. They are valuable to me.

So, I will be back at the computer more, and you can expect more updates to this blog.

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