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A Brief Personal Note

There is a reason why this blog has been rather silent lately — and it’s not just because of the holidays.

I am just slightly ill. I have a slight infection of some sort which is causing me to feel flushed, and tired — and causing a few other things.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. But, I have a condition called
Meniere’s Disease (diagnosed many years ago). It’s an inner ear condition and this condition can cause something called Vertigo. Imagine: extreme dizziness and nausea.

Unfortunately the intense concentration of the eyes that is required for working at the computer is currently in danger of causing vertigo.

So, I’m typing this in brief snippets of time, to keep problems from arising.

Later today I will have a guest blog up.

And, if it is kind of silent here for a while — with mostly guest posts, videos, etc. that’s the reason.

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