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Cleese on Creativity

I found this video at the Two Handed Warriors blog here:
Hilarious and Insightful Video: Monty Python’s John Cleese on Creativity This is a 36 minute presentation in which John Cleese talks about the nature of creativity.

"Telling people how to be creative is easy — being creative is difficult."

— John Marwood Cleese

I think this is worth watching a couple of times.

And, what are the implications for the church? What are the many ways churches and pastors squash creativity — both in themselves and in others?

For many years I have felt that preachers squash creativity in preaching by over-thinking the sermon. They allow the cognitive process to strangle any creative thinking — and, of course, they are so often over-serious. The deadline looms before them, they have been told that sermon preparation takes
X amount of time, etc. In this mindset, how could they ever hope to produce anything that isn’t deadly dull?

When the process really should be: immerse yourself in the Scripture and open your mind to the possibilities. Give yourself time to play with it. Insights arise, but they can’t be scheduled.

But, without meditation and play there will be nothing with life in it — just something copied from some sermon source with (maybe) paste-in illustrations from another source.

The way churches function also squashes creativity in the organization. The way Christian denominations operate often squashes creativity.

Does the advice Cleese gives at the end of the talk — advice on how leaders can squash creativity in an organization — remind you of the church and its leaders?

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