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Jared Moore's Top 250 Christian Blogs


This is just a brief note.

In spite of my recent, health-related inactivity here, this blog rated #95 on
Jared Moore’s list of 250 top Christian blogs.

If I could spend more time at the computer without getting dizzy, I might be able to raise this higher.

Jared’s listing is based upon
Alexa ranking. He writes:

My list is solely based on Alexa’s 3 month traffic rankings checked on November 9, 2013. Why only use Alexa? In blogdom, the only thing that matters concerning rankings is traffic. Traffic is currency in blogdom. Alexa is one of the best sources for estimating website traffic (depending on who you ask)


My Alexa ranking has remained high even through the summer. I appreciate the traffic from the many people who have found this website to be a good source of information and inspiration.

Jared writes:

I’m sure I have left out some blogs that should be on this list. I tried to only include blogs from evangelical Christians who would be considered orthodox. If you think I’ve left a blog out that should be listed or if you think I’ve included a blog that should not be listed, please either comment or email me at

The list provided below was compiled by examining Church Relevance’s Top 200 Ministry Blogs list (they examined over 1,000 blogs), various high-ranked Christian blogs listed on Technorati, and blogs listed on various Christian blogrolls across blogdom. I examined over 450 Christian Blogs.

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