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Light Through Darkness


We must approach the Scriptures with humility and patience, with our own agenda out of the way, and allow the Spirit to stir the deeper meaning for us. Otherwise we only hear what we already agree with or what we have decided to look for! Isn’t that rather obvious? As Paul will say, ‘We must teach not in the way philosophy is taught, but in the way the Spirit teaches us: We must teach spiritual things spiritually’ (1 Corinthians 2:13). As Tobin Hart says, this mode of teaching is much more about transformation than information. That changes the entire focus and goal.

There is a necessary light that is only available through darkness, the darkness that comes in those liminal spaces of birth, death and suffering. You can’t learn it in books alone, not even this one. There are certain truths that can be known only if we are sufficiently emptied, sufficiently ready, sufficiently confused or sufficiently destabilized. That’s the genius of the Bible! It doesn’t let you resolve all these questions in theology classrooms. In fact, none of the Bible appears to be written out of or for academic settings.

— Richard Rohr, Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality pp. 125. 126.

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