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Lindström: God's Law Keeps Us Alive

"The law does not only lead man to Christ; it also serves to keep the justified and regenerated man alive and helps him to grow in grace. The function of the law in promoting sanctification is also threefold:

  • To convince the Christian of the sin that remains in him and thus to keep him so close to Christ that His blood may cleanse him every moment;
  • To ‘derive strength from Christ’ to the believer in order to supply him with that strength which Christ bestows to enable him to do as His law commands;
  • To confirm his hope of whatever the law commands and he has not yet attained, ‘of receiving grace upon grace,’ till he is ‘in actual possession of the fulness" of God's promises.’”

— Harald Lindsröm, Wesley and Sanctification (1946), Chapter 2.

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