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Personal Update 10/30/2012

Well, first I had computer problems. Then I got sick. Thursday, I’m off to prison.

Somehow an important file — I’m thinking a file in the main Library folder on my MacBook Pro — got corrupted. For a long time, I just lived with it. The primary problem I experienced was that I could not connect with the Apple App store. Not a problem: except I could not get software updates for the software I’d purchased that way.

Finally, I decided I wasn’t going to live with this problem anymore. So, after numerous calls to Apple support and after a couple of visits to the Apple Store in Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids; we decided to backup to an external Hard Drive, erase the MacBook’s Hard Drive, and reinstall the operating system. This solved the problem, but it messed up my life for a while. I’ve been slowly and carefully re-establishing things on my computer. There are two reasons for my slowness: (1.) I don’t want to bring any problem files (whatever they were) back onto the computer and (2.) I had a lot of applications I didn’t use or especially like: this is a good time to clean house. I’m only bringing back what I really need.

While Apple’s Time Machine backup is an amazing program, I’ve found it hard to access the (invisible) user library on my backup. I just figured out this afternoon how to use
FileZilla to find the files in the user library. I have been replacing them slowly — only as needed. The add-ons and settings for the web design software that I use for this site have only been fully restored this afternoon.

So, things are mostly back up and running on my computer right now.

On Friday and Saturday I was sick and feeling awful. It was a virus wreaking havoc with my digestive system.

With one thing and another, I’ve been away from this blog. It’s not that there haven’t been things to write about. It’s that either the computer wasn’t working right, or I wasn’t working right — or both.

Thursday I am heading up north to St. Louis, Michigan for a Keryx Prison Ministry weekend. I’ll be heading home late on Sunday.

So, I’ve been experiencing a bit of a computer fast lately. Actually, it’s been kind of nice to get away from it for a while.

I hope to be back at it next week. We’ll see….

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