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Site Update

As a new year begins, I find I am having to make changes to this web site. The site has grown, and I need to rearrange some files and switch to a new blogging system. I hope the changes will be almost unnoticeable — but who knows.

I launched this web site in November of 2011 after Apple announced it was shutting down its MobileMe service (which was its successor to the old “.mac” service). It was also becoming clear to me at the time that Apple was going to abandon its iWeb software — that I had been using to write and maintain my web site, which was hosted on the Apple servers using their MobileMe/.mac service. The iWeb software is was designed to work with MobileMe, so it had been an easy choice.

I knew I had to do something, so I purchased
RapidWeaver. It looked to me like RapidWeaver would work in much the way iWeb had — but that it could do a whole lot more. RapidWeaver software allows for add-ons, which can extend the power of the original software package. At the time I launched this site, I didn’t want to spend additional money on add-ons, though I finally did spend a some money on one add-on — almost essential — called Stacks. I also found a web host at Webination Station — because I knew Jason Wiser from the days when I was a Senior High camp counselor and he was a camper.

Moving content from iWeb into RapidWeaver was almost seamless. RapidWeaver had the advantage of being easy (for me) to learn and to use. So, I began the process of moving the old content in the iWeb site into the new RapidWeaver site. This process continued even after Apple shut down the old site, until the most important content was finally moved over here. (And, this gave me from November until June to let people know the old site was shutting down and alerting them to the address of the new site.)

I used the built-in RapidWeaver blogging system for this blog. I knew that was not the best option. I knew the blogging aspect of RapidWeaver was one of the weaker aspects of the software package. I knew that might be a problem somewhere down the road, but I figured it would be good enough to start with.

I am now far enough down the road that things have to change. I spent the weekend re-arranging some of the files at his site. That means there are now some broken links I need to find and correct. When I am done with this process, things will be easier to find and easer (for me) to maintain.

The most noticeable change will be to the blog. I will be switching to a new blogging system and this blog will be abandoned. With any luck, the switch will be almost unnoticeable, but things may go dark for a while. (In fact, any number of strange things may happen!) This RapidWeaver blog will be shut down — it will become an archive, and the new blogging system will be started. With any luck, the RSS feed will stay the same. And, there will be a lot of new, improved options on the way. I plan for the new blog to be WordPress based. (Tumblr just doesn’t seem to do what I want.) The change will be a good thing in the long run, but as I’m moving things around and learning the new blogging system things may get quiet — or, worse yet, a little strange — in the transition.

And lots of old content will re-appear in the new blog — until the old blog (eventually) becomes abandoned completely.

One of the worst things that is going to happen is that the comments that have been made here using the Disqus comment system (which I like) will be lost. I know that Internet discussion has basically moved to social media (and for very understandable reasons), but I still like the idea of commenting on blog posts (generally speaking). I can’t say anything right now about the future of Disqus at this site. I haven’t thought that far ahead.

I’m just giving you a heads up. I’m changing things around here.

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