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Site Update 11/6/12

One of the many things that needs to be done at this site, is a re-write of the “Old Books” pages that I have had up on the Internet for a long time. Obviously, the links are wrong — linking back to the old (now nonexistent) site; but, they all need a new look. And, I have held off for a long time now in giving them a re-write. But, I think the time has come.

I mean to make these a sort of site-within-a-site. I mean: it is now, but I don’t link to it because the pages all need a re-write. So, at some point they will all come down in order to put something new up. There will be both the old content and some new content, by the time I get it all together. Up until now, I’ve lacked the initiative.

At some point, I will also get a search engine up here. At first, that is just going to be a search engine for the blog, but eventually, it will be for the whole site. That means that one should be able to find a wealth of information on particular topics — not just from what i have written, but also from Wesley and the holiness writers that I find especially interesting.

When I began, my intention was for this to be a site about Wesleyan Theology in general, and about the doctrine of Christian Perfection in particular. As I conceived of it, it was not so much going to be a place for theological answers, as a place where people could be exposed to Wesleyan Theology’s critique of current American Christianity. In other words, I was more interested in “stirring things up” than in persuading people.

So, I am hoping to get back to the “Old Books” project this week. That means that the pages currently here will come down, and, slowly but surely, new ones will go up. This will include new resources that were not at the old site.

It will take me quite a while, since I want them to look pretty good. And, in some cases (like with the pages that use frames) I need to re-think how the information can best be presented.

I will make announcements as new pages go up. The first project will be
J. A. Wood’s compilation of John Wesley’s teachings on Christian Perfection. Others will follow.

So, some changes are on the way. I will announce here when new resources are added to the site.

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