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United Methodist Insight

I just became aware of this web site that should be of great interest to those concerned about the United Methodist Church and the issues that will be facing the General Conference: United Methodist Insight.

Here is a little bit about the site:

This website is intended to bring wide-ranging reports, analyses and opinions together in a single place for the benefit of General Conference delegates and those concerned about the church's future. UM Insight is intended to be educational. It has no official ties to any of the church's various caucuses or organizations. It is not funded by any church-related organization. Most of all, it will not advocate for any proposal or position on General Conference legislation.

Instead, UM Insight will publish as wide a range of alternatives and perspectives as it can locate in the next five months to help prepare decision-makers and influencers for the global legislative assembly. The project will ask sharply focused questions about various proposals in order to provide as many facts as possible to help delegates discern the potential effects of the alternatives presented to them.

This is from the
UM Insight welcome message by Project Coordinator Cynthia B. Astle: Welcome to UM Insight.

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