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About Me: Craig L. Adams

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I used to be a United Methodist pastor. I served several small United Methodist churches from 1975 to 2010. At various times I was active in camping ministry, Emmaus, Chrysalis, Conference Youth Council, Lay Speakers training, and various other involvements. My ministry has been well received over the years in the places where I served. The things I enjoyed about pastoral ministry were: (1.) The opportunities to preach the Gospel; (2.) The opportunities to teach the Bible and the Christian way of life; (3.) The privilege of being with people in important moments of joy and sorrow in their lives.

I still miss the preaching and teaching aspects of ministry, and I fill pulpits when I can.

As of July 1, 2010 I retired from the pastoral ministry, after 38 years under appointment. This is the result of a personal and family crisis. And, I’m currently trying to figure out what it all means. My wife and family are now permanently alienated from the United Methodist Church. But, I’m... conflicted. The United Methodist Church was a part of my life for too long, I guess.... I support the Crosswind Community Church in Dorr, which a United Methodist congregation, though I generally attend worship with my wife and family at the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan.

I believe the Church is always in need of doctrinal renewal and spiritual renewal. In the case of the United Methodists (among whom I have served for many years), such renewal can be drawn from their own evangelical, socially progressive, and revivalistic roots. In it's beginnings, Methodism emphasized:

  1. justifying faith,
  2. the witness of the Spirit
  3. holiness of heart and life,
  4. reform of society,
  5. having an educated faith (thus: Wesley’s Christian Library, the early Methodist commentaries and works of theology, Watson's Theological Institutes, etc.).

Over the years, this synthesis fell apart. Of course, it would be nice to regain this synthesis before the United Methodist Church completely destroys itself over Sexuality Issues, but that may be too much for which to hope.

In all branches of the Christian tradition such sources of renewal can be found.

I do not feel that I have ever abandoned the roots of my faith in the evangelical, revivalistic and holiness streams of the Wesleyan tradition. Yet, my ideas have changed greatly over the years, as I have encountered more and more information about the Bible and other areas of learning. I have always been a person who is hungry for new information.
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My wife Robin and I were married in the Hersey United Methodist Church on September 1, 1979.

We have two children. Our son Michael was born on January 21, 1982. Our daughter Rebekah was born on December 2, 1983. They are both married have lives of their own now.

Robin is a Nurse. she has worked in many different settings over the years. She is currently working for the Spectrum Health Visiting Nurse Association here in Grand Rapids. She also has other involvements that keep her busy, as well. She used to be active in the United Methodist Church — as I once was. She was involved with Chrysalis & Emmaus Walk, she sometimes served as camp nurse for Senior High Camp and for the West Michigan Conference Youth Assembly. She was also a Certified Lay Speaker at one time. But, that is all a thing of the past. She is now completely disgusted with the United Methodist Church, and enjoys attending the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville — where she is now a covenant member. She enjoys reading, cooking and needlepoint.
My Pastoral Experience:

December 2009 - June 2010. Mt. Pleasant Charge - Mt. Pleasant, MI Pastor.

July 2006 - November 2009. Carlisle United Methodist Church - Byron Center, MI

  • Served as the Assistant Youth Coordinator for the West Michigan Conference.
  • Worked with the Youth Council in planning the annual Michigan Area Confirmands' Rally.

September 1999-June 2006. Weidman United Methodist Church - Weidman, MI

  • Served as the Assistant Youth Coordinator for the West Michigan Conference.
  • Worked with the Youth Council in planning the annual Michigan Area Confirmands' Rally.
  • Served as co-Dean of the Central / Grand Traverse District Senior High Camp.
  • Chair of the Central District Committee on District Superintendency.
  • Helped in training Lay Speakers in the Central District.
  • Counselor at District Senior High Camp and at Conference Youth Assembly.
  • Serve on the Conference Board of Discipleship and the Conference Council on Ministries.
  • Frequently serve as Spiritual Director for Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Flight weekends.
  • Preacher at the Central District Bible Camp in 2003.
  • Bible teacher at the Central District Bible Camp in 2001.

1994–September 1999. Zion United Methodist Church - Ionia, MI

  • Led yearly leadership training.
  • Oversight of church staff.
  • Assisted in supervision and training of other pastors.
  • Led in program development and implementation for the West Michigan Conference and for the Michigan Area.
  • President of local Ministerial Association.
  • Served as Spiritual Director of Flight of Hope Chrysalis Board & on several Chrysalis weekends and Emmaus Walks.
  • Served as the Assistant Conference Youth Coordinator for the West Michigan Conference.
  • Helped to organize the "Michigan Area Confirmands' Rally with the Bishop."
  • Planned Leadership Training experiences on the Central District.
  • Served as Senior High Camp counselor for District camp.

1984–1994 Horton Bay United Methodist Church- Boyne City, MI

  • Led an active and growing congregation for 10 years.
  • Led successful financial drives each year.
  • Managed the church office; produced bulletin, etc. on word processor.
  • President of local Ministerial Association.
  • Served as Spiritual Director of the Chrysalis Board in Northern Michigan for several years.
  • Served as Spiritual Director on several Chrysalis weekends and Emmaus Walks.
  • Served as West Michigan Conference Youth Coordinator , on the Conference Council on Ministries, the Conference Board of Discipleship, helped in the training of Lay Speakers on the Grand Traverse District of the West Michigan Conference.
  • Served as Senior High camp counselor for District camp.
  • Served on the Michigan Area Pastor's School as treasurer.

1979–1984 Saugatuck-Ganges United Methodist Parish - Saugatuck, MI

  • Led two small congregations for 5 years.
  • Developed a Lay Speaking program for the Grand Rapids District.
  • President of local Ministerial Association.
  • Continued to work with the training of Lay Speakers on the Grand Rapids District.

1975–1979 Wolf Lake United Methodist Church - Muskegon, MI.

  • First full-time pastor in the history of the church.
  • Led the church toward financial independence & stability.
  • Led leadership training for church teachers.
  • Developed a curriculum for the training of Lay Speakers on the Grand Rapids District.

My Education:

1972-1975 Asbury Theological Seminary - Wilmore, KY

* Master of Divinity
* Editor of student newspaper.

1969-1971 Wayne State University - Detroit, MI

* Bachelor of Arts
* Major in chemistry, with studies in numerous other areas.

1967–1969 Macomb County Community College - Warren, MI

* Associate in Science
* Studies concentrated on chemistry and math.