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“From long experience and observation I am inclined to think that whoever finds redemption in the blood of Jesus, whoever is justified, has then the choice of walking in the higher or the lower path. I believe the Holy Spirit at that time sets before him the ‘more excellent way,’ and incites him to walk therein; to choose the narrowest path in the narrow way; to aspire after the heights and depths of holiness—after the entire image of God. But if he does not accept this offer, he insensibly declines into the lower order of Christians. He still goes on in what may be called a good way, serving God in his degree, and finds mercy in the close of life, through the blood of the covenant.”

— John Wesley

EDITOR’S NOTES: This is undoubtedly one of the clearest statements of holiness teaching ever written. I am once again thankful to Google books for making available a scanned edition of this book, from which this online edition is based. My personal copy is an old paperback reprint that is marked up (from long ago) and whose pages are falling out.

Thomas Cook was a British evangelist who died in 1913 at the age of 53. He became a Methodist preacher at the age of 18, and went on to be a very effective and well-traveled evangelist in his generation. Later, he became the first principal of Cliff College.

I have updated (and Americanized) much of the spelling in this book.

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— Craig