Love Enthroned
Essays on Evangelical Perfection


Daniel Steele, D.D.

1875 (original date)
1908 (revised edition) Eaton & Mains

[This text is in the public domain. Text scanning and formatting by Craig L. Adams.]

This is the first of Steele's "Holiness books" and serves as an excellent introduction to his thought — and to the teachings of the Methodist Holiness movement in the Nineteenth Century. Chapter nine is a very helpful discussion of John Fletcher's doctrine of Dispensations — quite a bit different than the doctrine currently known as "Dispensationalism." (Understanding Fletcher's doctrine of Dispensations also helps to explain why the Methodists commonly referred to "Entire Sanctification" as the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit.") The page of "Definitions" alerts the reader to the particular way that certain terms are defined and used by advocates of Christian Perfection.

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— Craig L. Adams