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Site Update

This web site now has a direct link to it’s associated
FaceBook page in the navigation on the heading. I’m still experimenting and learning how to use the FaceBook page, but so far I’m glad I set it up. I don’t know if I will continue posting “From Around the Web” updates, since all the links that I’m recommending on Twitter will also be on the FaceBook page — and you can get there directly from this site.

I just added the FaceBook page very recently. So, I still haven’t learned all about it.

I may also try to integrate the
Steele’s Answers blog into this site at some point, as well. The old holiness books that I have maintained for some time are a bit orphaned right now, but it’s my intention to integrate them in here also — but, they needs a major HTML / Web Design re-write.

Thus far, I am pleased with how things have gone since the launch of the new web site. RapidWeaver is a very limited blogging platform, but it seems to be good enough for my purposes, so far. (I may still, at some point, need to look into integrating WordPress into this site.)

Many readers may recognize several of my recent posts as re-writes of the material on the old site — and that would be correct. Most everything will eventually find a new form and a new home here. Much of it needs to be re-thought, however.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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