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A Brief Update

It seems strange that in my currently retired (and unemployed) state, this blog is still hard to maintain in the summer. But, for some reason it is. Things seem to go best here when there is a bit of regularity to my schedule, and summertime has never allowed for that. It’s not much better now than it ever has been.

As I understand it, my previous
web site and blog will disappear tomorrow. There are probably some links here that I will have to fix after tomorrow — since they refer back to the old site. But, other web sites and blogs that link back to the old site will be linking back to nothing after tomorrow — which is an opportunity to see if I can get this site on more blogrolls.

I want to try clicking on those links tomorrow to see what happens. Just for fun.

Attending the West Michigan Annual Conference (June 6-9) was a pleasant and affirming experience. I dreaded going, but, as it turned out, I was very glad I attended. Actually, it began as an affirming experience, when I realized that two of the people being ordained this year were people I knew as members of the West Michigan Conference Youth Council. And, it was good to renew many friendships.

And, as of this week I am now completely booked up for the summer with fill-in preaching in various United Methodist Churches around the state. That’s a great thing!

In the summer I also like to work in the yard here at the house, and that reduces my computer time (but increases my exercise time: it’s a good thing). It’s been too hot to do much just lately, but I do have some projects in mind.

I still do try to keep up on various blogs and other writings on the Internet. You can find what I’ve been reading by clicking on the FaceBook link at the top. This will take you to this blog’s FaceBook page, where those various links are shared. They are also listed (with some repetition) in
my Twitter feed.

As my posts here have become a bit more sporadic, traffic has gone down considerably and my Klout score (for whatever that’s worth) has been steadily plummeting. Oh, well. It can’t be helped. It’s summer. Apparently that’s an inevitable fallow time for this blog.

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