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A Call to Holiness


The Holiness Manifesto edited by Kevin W. Mannoia & Don Thorsen (Eerdmans 2008), pages 19,20:

“God is holy and calls us to be a holy people.

“God, who is holy, has abundant and steadfast love for us. God's holy love is revealed to us in the life and teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. God continues to work, giving life, hope and salvation through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, drawing us into God's own holy, loving life. God transforms us, delivering us from sin, idolatry, bondage, and self-centeredness to love and serve God, others, and to be stewards of creation. Thus, we are renewed in the image of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

“Apart from God, no one is holy. Holy people are set apart for God's purpose in the world. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, holy people live and love like Jesus Christ. Holiness is both gift and response, renewing and transforming, personal and communal, ethical and missional. The holy people of God follow Jesus Christ in engaging all the cultures of the world and drawing all peoples to God.

“Holy people are not legalistic or judgmental. They do not pursue an exclusive, private state of being better than others. Holiness is not flawlessness but the fulfillment of God's intention for us. The pursuit of holiness can never cease because love can never be exhausted.

“God wants us to be, think, speak, and act in the world in a Christ-like manner. We invite all to embrace God's call to:

  • be filled with all the fullness of God in Jesus Christ — Holy Spirit-endowed co-workers for the reign of God;
  • live lives that are devout, pure, and reconciled, thereby being Jesus Christ's agents of transformation in the world;
  • live as a faithful covenant people, building accountable community, growing up into Jesus Christ, embodying the spirit of God's law in holy love;
  • exercise for the common good an effective array of ministries and callings, according to the diversity of the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • practice compassionate ministries, solidarity with the poor, advocacy for equality, justice, reconciliation, and peace; and
  • care for the earth, God's gift in trust to us, working in faith, hope, and confidence for the healing and care of all creation.

“By the grace of God, let us covenant together to be a holy people.”

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