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The Real War for Christmas

Over at the God’s Politics blog Adam Erickson writes “Let the Real War on Christmas Begin!”

The real war on Christmas begins on Dec. 26, but no major television network will tell you about it. The real Christmas season, known as Christmastide, begins on the evening of Dec. 24 and lasts 12 days, ending on Jan. 5.So the real war on Christmas begins on Dec. 26 and it is waged in the most pernicious way possible: By ignoring the Christmas season altogether. Ignoring something is the best way to wage a war because nobody knows the war is being waged! And if nobody knows the war is being waged then there can be no defense against it. After we gorged on Christmas Day presents, cookies, turkey, and pie, we will take down our trees, put away our decorations, and stop wishing one another a merry Christmas.

The “War on Christmas” people often talk about takes place in the season of Advent. And, there has been a War on Advent for a long time. The Christmas songs and decorations intrude into the Advent season. And, those decorations generally quickly come down the moment the 12 days of Christmas actually begin.

How can we keep Christmas? How can we celebrate it properly? Again, Adam’s article is insightful. He writes: “the best way to defend Christmas is to care about the things that Jesus cared about….”

Read the article here:
“Let the Real War on Christmas Begin!”

But let me suggest that, as Christians, we make it a war for Christmas!

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