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Some Sunday Evening Jazz


I thought I’d post some music from somewhat more contemporary jazz groups today, since I posted Monk & Brubeck last week.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey performs Charles Mingus’ tune “Fables of Faubus” at the Tudo e Jazz Festival in Brasil in October 2005.

You’ll find plenty more about them, and their music at their web site: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. And, there is plenty of audio and video there, as well. They’ve gone through some changes in personnel and style over the years, and (I think) it’s been an interesting journey.

And, here is the
Bobby Broom Trio performing “D’s Blues.” Bobby Broom (guitar), Kobie Watkins (drums) and Dennis Carroll (bass).

And here is the Oz Noy Twisted Blues Band performing “Whole Tone Blues.”

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