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Ever since I officially retired from the United Methodist ministry, I have been regularly involved with the Keryx prison ministry here in Michigan. I got hooked up with a group of guys that are holding Keryx weekends in the Central Michigan Correctional Facility in St. Louis, Michigan.

And, another Keryx is being held this weekend. I am on the team.

Keryx is a ministry that follows the
Cursillo model: like the Walk to Emmaus, Via de Christo, De Colores, etc.

I never got involved in the Keryx prison ministry during the time I was pastoring churches. I was heavily involved in Emmaus and
Chrysalis, and didn’t feel I was able to give up any further Sundays for this type of ministry.

I no longer have that reason to remain uninvolved. And, there is always a need of clergy to serve on these weekends. In Keryx, there is supposed to be a clergy person in every table group.

It’s actually one of the best applications of the Cursillo model I have ever seen. It has the ability, over time, to positively impact the whole prison environment.

Please pray for the prisoners, pray for those of us on the team, and please pray for the staff of the Central Michigan Correctional Facility.

So, I won’t be posting here over the weekend. For one thing: I’ll be in prison!


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