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Concerning My Continuing Absence from the Internet 

I hadn't intended my blog hiatus to go on this long — not at all. I figured I'd be back at it by this time, but, as you can see, I'm not.

The primary reason for this is because staring at the computer screen can cause dizziness and vertigo. I had hoped I would be better by now. I think I am — but not well enough. I have a lot of very good days now, And my attacks of vertigo are far less severe than I was experiencing last year at this time.  Some days I feel so good, I'm sure I'm "over it" — but I am not. And, there is a danger in becoming over-confident. 

On the Internet, I discovered someone who has this problem worse than I do: Meniere’s Disease: It’s like a perpetual thrill ride without the fun. This poor woman has Meniere’s Disease in both her ears — mine is in my left ear only. Over time, I expect the symptoms I have been experiencing to recede — they have to some degree, and I expect that to continue. However, I have to consider the possibility that I will never be able to return to my Internet involvements like before. I will have to make adjustments — some of these may be permanent adjustments. 

I can type well on the iPad (that's what I'm doing now), but there are a lot of things I have been used to doing on the computer. While the iPad is a great tool — and something I seem to be able to use without ill effects — it cannot replace the computer. And eventually this text needs to go into my web authoring software.

So, I'm just going to have to try to find my way. 

In the mean time, I have remained busy with preaching and many other involvements. I am thankful I can do all of these things. As usual, I am trying to keep myself in two worlds, church-wise. Robin & I generally worship at the
Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, where I also am a volunteer in their student ministry and as a part of their team of volunteer pastors (which allows me to do some weddings and funerals, now and then). Partly because this church was our port-in-the-storm during our nightmare with the United Methodist Church, it is where we feel most at home during worship. I also, appreciate what they are doing in worship and in the Sunday morning teaching. I still keep my connection with the CrossWind Community Church in Dorr — a United Methodist congregation. My connection with the United Methodist Church is still important to me — and for more than sentimental reasons. In theology I am very much a Wesleyan. I attend Annual Conference, I preach often in United Methodist churches, I am involved in the West Michigan Conference's Vital Church Initiative, and am planning on being involved in teaching classes for Lay Speakers. 

So, basically, I do most of the things I always loved to do — but without going to meetings (which I hate). 

I had never intended to retire. I never could imagine what retirement would be — nor did I wish to imagine it. And, anyway, I didn't otherwise wish to retire at the time that I did. But, from where I was sitting, I didn't seem to have an alternative. I still feel a calling — especially for preaching and teaching. I still am glad to do weddings and funerals. I don't feel any kind of calling to be on a committee. 

It could be that my life is going through some kind of change — and the need to be away from the computer for a while is part of that. I'm paying more attention to my health and my need for exercise.  I'm sleeping better. Now that those years of stress in pastoral ministry are behind me, I can enter into a season of physical and spiritual renewal. I have been going to the gym for exercise more regularly — as my health permits. Some days I come back so tired and potentially dizzy (I don't know how else to describe it), that I have to lay down for a good while afterwards. Nevertheless, I believe that I am getting better over all. 

I'm sure it is noticeable that I have been spending far less time on the Internet. And, there is
a lot of updating (and adding of new content) needed at this site.

Things are changing, but I think it's going to be all for the good. When — or whether — I will be back to working regularly on this site, I do not know. But, you will hear from me from time to time.

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