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My Preaching Schedule — So Far

My problems with vertigo seem to have definitely subsided.

Last weekend I served as the Spiritual Director on a Mens’
Walk to Emmaus weekend — and did not have any problems. There were a couple of evening when the tinnitus in the left ear was rather loud — but that was it — no dizziness. I guess that’s the acid test. I am now willing to say: “I’m better.”

Someone asked by email where I might be preaching in the area and I thought it might be nice to keep people updated on this.

In the last two years my summer schedule filled up very quickly.

Already this year I have preached at the Martin & Shelbyville United Methodist Churches, Crosswind Community Church in Dorr, and Calvary United Methodist Church in Jackson.

I don’t have very much lined up right at the moment, but here are the commitments I have made:

  • Sunday through Thursday, June 23-28 - Family Bible Camp at Albright Camp in Reed City

I may make a separate page on this site to keep this schedule updated — especially if people are interested. Sometimes people tell me they wished they had known where I was going to be, etc.

So, at this point, that’s my preaching schedule. We see how it goes.

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