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Old St. Nick

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Well, here’s my annual (when I remember it) Saint Nicholas Day post.

Here’s something Peter Enns posted last year:

He says:

Nicholas was a beast. Mother Teresa, Oskar Schindler, and Samuel L. Jackson all rolled into one. What an absolute crushing beast.I like the icon–his eyes. He is looking off to the side, like he’s annoyed about having to sit there for a portrait while people in need were suffering.

And John Leek briefly reminds us that St. Nicholas had his faults: he slapped Arius at the Council of Nicea:

Here’s an old 1888 painting:
Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death.

Here are some blog posts from 2011:

And, here are some additional resources:

Christianity Today: The Real Saint Nicholas: The story of Santa Claus's namesake by Ted Olsen

I think the Wikipedia article on St. Nicholas is quite good.

But, my favorite place to go for info on good ol’ Saint Nick is The Saint Nicholas Center’s Web Site. There are several interesting articles there: Who Is St. Nicholas? and Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa Claus. Many years ago I used the information and images at the St. Nicholas Center site to put together a Power Point presentation on St. Nick. I think the stories of Saint Nicholas are good ones to tell in this season (even though, of course, no one knows how much of it is true).

Some Roman Catholic bloggers wrote about St. Nicholas a few years ago:

And, Church historian Chris Armstrong wrote:
Happy Feast Day of the (real) St. Nick!


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