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Personal Update: How I'm Doing

It's tiresome to hear someone talk about his/her ailments, I know. But, in this case, the ailment has effected my online behavior. 

I can't say I've gotten any better, though I'm managing things a little better. I'm getting out a little more. I attended a weekend event at one of the area UM churches that featured Walter Brueggemann. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to hear him while he was in the area (which I did the last time he came to GR). I went to worship on Sunday morning by myself; and, then went back in the evening as a volunteer with the youth group. I drank a lot of water (which seems to help in flushing water out of my system), and was okay. 

I have good days and bad days. I go on the computer only briefly. I use the iPad mostly. I only use the computer when I have to do so. I can't say I'm better but things are a little different. I have brief attacks of dizziness at night now — which is something that has never ever happened to me before. Rolling over onto my side will make me dizzy. But, it doesn't last long. 

I found some things at the drug store, actually. I am taking Lipo-Flavanoid — especially designed for Meniere’s Disease. I don't know whether it's helping or not — I just started taking it last week. I'm currently taking 2 tablets 3 times a day — after a month on it, I'll scale back. There have, apparently, been some studies on the effects of this (probably in Europe, I would guess) that showed favorable results. So, we'll see. I also found a mixture of aromatic oils called Divertigo that helps stop the attacks. You put some of the oil behind the ears. I had the chance to try it the other day — and to my surprise (actually) it seems to work. (Antivert — which is the same as Dramamine II — no longer works on me.)

I have an appointment with an ear specialist, but it isn't until March. I don't have a lot of hope for that — but, who knows, maybe the doctors have learned something new — after all, the drug stores have new things. An operation to put a shunt in the left inner ear would solve the problem — but it would also destroy my hearing in that ear. If I am feeling no better by the time I see him, I may well consider this. 

One of the great challenges of life is learning your own limitations. And, right at the moment I'm not sure what — or, how much — I can or cannot do.

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