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Please Order Justin's Book

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the attention my last two posts (on the dreaded Homosexual Issue) have received. I appreciate the feedback and the questions and the encouragement.

Yes, I would like to see this conversation continue and broaden. I would like to see the Sides explore their differences. I would like to see the day when reliable information is owned by both sides and not just one or the other.

Nevertheless, I do not have any intention of making The Gay Debate the main focus of this blog. Yes, I am interested in how the Christian faith informs our understanding of sexuality issues. But, there are a lot of other things I am also interested in exploring. Yes, you can expect me to blog on sexuality issues from time to time. Yes, I would like to see the conversation continue. But, you are not going to get any continual barrage from me on this.

For those interested in pursuing cross-divide conversation and understanding i want to recommend Justin Lee’s forthcoming book: Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate. No, I have not yet read this. But, I know that Justin’s goal is to foster understanding between SideA and SideB Christians. This is not going to be one more book of polemics and bombast.

Justin himself is a gay Christian and SideA. He is the executive director of the
Gay Christian Network: a ministry which includes both SideA and SideB Christians. I know Justin from the days when he and I were participants and moderators in the (now defunct) Bridges Across the Divide forum. I know he wants to help evangelical Christians on both Sides of the divide move forward in ministry and mutual understanding. It is my hope that his book will be widely read in the Christian community.

Personally, I’ve said about all I’m going to say about this issue for a while. I will still respond to questions and comments, but I don’t have any new insights to post right now. I’m going to move on to other things.

In the mean time:
order Justin’s book! He is also interested in moving the conversation forward. He is coming from a different perspective than I am — but, it is high time Christians of good will came together to pursue mutual understanding and ministry.

And, while you are waiting for it to arrive, I recommend the anti-debate between Justin Lee (SideA) and Ron Belgau (SideB) which I posted here:
Transforming the Christian Conversation on Homosexuality. Yes, I know that will take a good chunk of time. But, it’s worth it.

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