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This Blog's Summer Slump

It is always hard for me to keep this blog going in the summer time. That is not a bad thing, really. In the summer I am more active. I preach in various churches in the summer — while the pastors go on vacation. I work on gardening projects around the house — this year I'm putting container gardens in the back yard. I take the dog on long walks. I am just generally more active — and I like to get outside when I can. And, sometimes I’m away. I attend the West Michigan Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. This year I will be the preacher at the Family Bible Camp held at Albright Camp in Reed City. 

And, because of this I do a lot less reading on the Internet, as well.

I actually enjoy the rhythm of the seasons here in Michigan. Winter is a time of seclusion and study. Spring and summer and the early part of fall are a time to be more active. I read more in the wintertime. I follow what's going on the Internet more in the winter. Now, I've got other things on my mind. 

So, already my blogs are getting somewhat neglected — I've just got other things going, that's all. 

This blog is not really on hiatus. Neither is
Steele’s Answers. I just update them far more sporadically in this time of the year. 

Right now, I've got some outside projects around the house that are consuming my interest.  

Today I am spending a little time at the computer. It is raining.

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