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H. A. Baldwin

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This little book is just 63 pages long. The type in my copy is quite small, but it was not at all difficult to scan. I think this book is very helpful in understanding and evaluating Holiness teaching. Often a particular perpective becomes clearer as we compare it to alternate views. As usual, Baldwin does a very good job of stating, clarifying and defending the Wesleyan view.

— Craig L. Adams


Although the following pages are for the most part argumentative, yet the writing has not been done with a view to contention. If no unholy man can see God in peace, the sooner unbelievers are convinced of the error of their unbelief the better it will be for them. We have written to convince. Those who will hew out their own broken cisterns and attempt to fill them with waters suitable to their own carnal likings will still find abundance of room for contention after they have read every argument that follows. This evil cannot be remedied.

But on the contrary some honest souls will be convinced. They are like the merchantman seeking goodly pearls, they will give all they have for the one pearl of great price. Honest heart, do you long for a rest as yet unattained? Do you thirst for a drink from some cooling spring? Then Jesus says: — "Come unto me and drink," and, "I will give you rest." A Sabbath of rest from the sin of your soul, a blessed Sabbath that never will end. "Draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith."

I have quoted freely from widely different sources always giving due credit in the proper place.

With a prayer that God may bless our humble effort to the good of all who read, this little book is sent on its mission. It does not profess to be beyond criticism, it makes no pretensions to literary merit, but the author sincerely desires that before it is lost altogether in the mighty sea of greater things that is flooding the literary world someone may be blest and led to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

H. A. B.