Phoebe Palmer


MY BELOVED CHRISTIAN FRIEND:— Will you accept of this little token of regard from one deeply interested in your welfare? I have received your friendship as a precious gift from God. Yes, "Jesus gives me my friends," and I have resolved on valuing and also cherishing your friendship as a precious gift from Him. You will feel with me that friendships thus bestowed are Divine responsibilities. Then, beloved one, let us be faithful to each other; and may our communings during our short sojourn here be so directed as shall in the highest possible degree tell towards our mutual well-being in eternity.

I would not needlessly sadden your heart, but my thoughts are now dwelling on the certainty of that period when our friendship on earth will close. Perhaps before the expiration of the present year you or I may be called suddenly, "in such an hour as we think not," to meet the Son of man. My intense solicitude for you moves me to faithfulness beyond what cold formality might warrant.

Permit me, then, beloved one, to ask, Are you ready? Have you on the white robe? No longer think of holiness as a doctrine peculiar to a sect, but rather as a doctrine peculiar to the
Bible, as the only fitness for admission to the society of the blood-washed in Heaven.

If you are not a
holy Christian, you are not a Bible Christian. I have been much concerned that till this period you should have remained indefinite in your experience on this point. In endeavoring to show the Standard of Bible fitness for Heaven, and the manner of attaining it, I have taken it in my way to answer three questions, which I am sure you will regard as infinitely important.

I hope you will carry this small token of affectionate regard to your closet, and, in solemn, prayerful waiting, decide there on perfecting holiness in the fear of God. May the Sun of righteousness shine upon your mind, and the Spirit of holiness guide you into all truth, so that, as you read this communication, you may, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, enter into the holiest!

P. P.