Phoebe Palmer




[From the "Western Christian Advocate.”]

"Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?" -- John xi. 40.

"Reader, without fail read the letter, on the experience of perfect love, in this week's paper, and bless God that the administration of the Divine Spirit is still continued to the souls of those who 'believe in the Holy Ghost.' We trust the sister who wrote the letter, and the sister who furnished it for our columns, will be induced to write more on this subject, and favor our readers with the perusal. In the meantime, those who have not read the communication which proved so useful to our itinerant brother, will now read it, and, like him, simply believe in the sufficiency of God the Father, Son, and Spirit, to accomplish this work in the hearts of men. " — Rev. Dr. Elliott, Editor of the "Western Christian Advocate."


"On the 6th of December, the writer, like many others, tried to preach on the subject of holiness, without enjoying it himself. His heart was warm with the importance of the subject, as it frequently had been for a number of years. But he often felt much like the teacher who tries to instruct the pupil in lessons of which he himself is ignorant. But, thanks be to God, a change has been wrought.

"On reaching home, the evening of the 6th instant, the writer took from the office the last number of the 'Advocate,' which was published on the 3rd of December. About nine o'clock he read the article headed 'HOLINESS.' It was an extract of a letter written by the author of the 'Way of Holiness.' Before he had finished reading it, he saw and felt that he might then obtain the blessing. However, he continued reading till the article was finished. Then, pausing, he lay back in his chair, with his hat on his head, and the 'Advocate' in his hand, and prayed as follows: 'O Lord! Thou art willing and Thou art able to save me. O Lord! Thou hast saved me now from all sin.
Thou hast — I cannot doubt it! Thou hast saved me from all sin.' Then, in one moment, perfect love filled his soul! The paper dropped on the carpet, where it lay till morning, and he clapped his hands and cried, 'Glory to God!' This was all done in an instant. He then threw off his hat and fell on his knees, and then on the floor, where he remained until near midnight, crying, and praising the Lord.

"The depth of love was astonishing, but not so much so as the simple manner of obtaining it. It was just as simple and as easy as thought. He had sought for this blessing a number of years; but he now thought that he would try the Lord at His WORD, and see if He would receive him, if he would give himself up in this simple way. He formerly had thought that it required a great effort upon his part; but now he simply paused and sat still in his chair, without any distress of mind, or even shedding a tear, and whispered a simple prayer
in faith, and the blessing was imparted. Unbelief is now the great temptation, but faith still retains her hold. The evidence is brightened every day. The faith that works by love, and purifies the heart, is the simplest thing that ever was conceived of.

"The writer daily thinks of the simple teaching of Bishops Janes and Hamline. This blessing takes down a high spirit, and clothes it with humility. Oh, that all the world could see its simplicity, and realize its joy! The Minister wants perfect love to show him his duty, and perfect love to prepare him to discharge it. This blessing is indescribable. To be brief, it is an entire change throughout soul and body. With a heart overflowing with perfect love, the writer felt it his duty to say something to the readers of the 'Advocate' concerning this great blessing, and the means by which it was made his; and he trusts Dr. E. will insert Sister ________’s letter in the next paper. Behold what a blaze a little fire kindleth!."

"And wouldst thou now be sanctified,
From all pollution free?
now to Him who for thee died,
And purchased this for thee.

"Yes, look
just now! The morrow's sun
Thy new-made grave may view!
And what remains that should be done,
With all thy might pursue!

"Now is God's time! the cleansing flood
Is open to thy sight;
Oh! just now wash in Jesus' blood,
And make thy garments white."