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A Criticism of Dr. James Mudge's "Growth in Holiness Toward Perfection"

Sanctified Parents of Depraved Children.

0UR author is not satisfied with Wesley's declaration, "Sin is entailed upon me, not by immediate generation, but by my first parent;" and he controverts Dr. Miley's statement, that "a gracious state, achieved through the supernatural generation of the Holy Spirit, is not transmissible through natural generation." He insists that "whatever nature or state we have, however it originated or was superinduced, whether by the good Spirit or the evil spirit, can be and must be transmitted." He adds: "The only sufficient and satisfactory reason that we have been able to find, why no child is begotten or born without some degree of depravity, is that there are no parents wholly free from it." Will not perfectly sanctified parents have perfectly holy children? This was a conundrum proposed to Wesley by an opponent of Christian perfection, and quite imperfectly answered by him. The doctrine of Wesley may nevertheless be true, although an objection to it has not been answered satisfactorily. There is no doctrine of orthodoxy against which some objection has not been made. Dr. Samuel Johnson says, that "infinite space is either a plenum (full of matter) or a vacuum; there are objections against both theories, yet one of them must be true." Heredity involves mysteries such as this: Parents, with dark complexion, jet black hair and eyes, have a child of light complexion, red hair, and blue eyes. The parents have transmitted qualities they did not possess, but which on research are found to have belonged to some remote ancestor. Thus racial depravity, may have been transmitted by parents in whom it was not then existent. How? This is a Mystery.