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The sunset hour of life's brief day has afforded me leisure, and God has given strength to review the themes which have engrossed my thoughts during its early and midday hours. So many and so emphatic are the daily commendations of some of the fruits of those hours of happy toil, which are in the form of books, that the writer has been encouraged to gather another basket-full of the same kind of fruit and send it to the world's autumnal market ere the winter's snows shall have covered his orchard. This basket contains a greater variety than he has ever set before the Christian public. He has purposely omitted the culture of one species — the crab apple.

The special purpose of the first two chapters is to cheer the hearts of all Christian laborers with the assurance of the ultimate evangelization of the whole world by the agencies now employed in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, and to counteract the depressing effects of that theory of the last things which teaches that the world will wax worse till the end of the present age.

The seventeenth essay institutes a search among all the schools of philosophy for a measure large enough to ascertain the proportions of man. The search demonstrates that the gospel of Christ is the only mirror in which man can get a full-length view of his own greatness. The latter part of this chapter the reader will find more interesting than the beginning.

D. S.

MILTON, November 7, 1898.